• Platform Technology

    A versatile liposomal nanoparticle platform

  • NP-01: Enhancing drug uptake in tumors

    Light-Targeted Chemotherapy

    NP-01 encapsulates the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin in a light-activated nanoparticle to provide localized and systemic drug release.

    NP-01 efficacy shown in preclinical mouse studies

    Preclinical studies in mice show that NP-01 is effective in ablating tumors. These promising data highlight the great potential of NP-01 as an ablative cancer therapy. From: Biomaterials. 2016 January; 75: 193–202.

    Cutaneous Metastatic Breast Cancer (CMBC)

    41,000 women a year are diagnosed with skin metastases caused by stage IV breast cancer. This condition leads to painful lesions for which there is no effective treatment. With a clear medical need CMBC is an ideal first target for this novel nanomedicine.

  • C36: A Next Generation Vaccine Platform

    A Next Generation Adjuvant for the Next Generation of Vaccines

    C36 is similar to NP-01 but contains cobalt in its porphyrin ring structure, allowing it to easily conjugate with his-tagged peptides and proteins. This means that antigen-producing pharmaceutical companies can easily use C36 to particlize their antigens into a powerful vaccine candidate.

    Powerful Antibody Response

    When tested against typical adjuvants, the C36 advantage is clear. In trials with a malaria antigen, C36 was successful in blocking transmission of the disease. Future testing will continue to validate this up and coming vaccine platform.

  • The Team

    Talented and passionate. Building a healthier future together.

    Jonathan Lovell, PhD

    Chief Scientific Officer

    Jonathan is the co-inventor of the POP technologies. He's an assistant professor at the University at Buffalo and a winner of the NSF Career Award (2016).

    Jonathan Smyth, JD

    Chief Administrative Officer

    Jonathan is a licensed NY attorney and has a strong passion for building businesses in Western New York.

    Kevin Carter

    Chief Operations Officer

    Kevin is a Co-inventor of the POP technologies and a PhD student in the laboratory of Dr. Lovell.

    Chris Choi, PhD, MBA

    Chief Technical Officer

    Chris is an assistant professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) and the Director of the RPCI cGMP Therapeutic Cell Production facility.

    Hilliard Kutscher, PhD

    Chief Researcher

    Hilliard is a research assistant professor at the University at Buffalo. He has a background in developing pharmaceutical formulations.

    Henry Miller

    Chief Communications Officer

    Henry is a MS student at the University at Buffalo. In addition, he's a project manager and the Lead Venture Coach at Blackstone Launchpad @ UB.

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